The Most Important Rule When Playing Poker

Poker has a rule that is much more important than any other: every player is to blame for everything he does with the cards in his hand. It’s never about luck, it’s about them and how they play.

You must not allow other people to influence your playing style. If you do, you will be in their hands. They can manipulate their game and use their style to win hands and take their chips or money. Psychology is an important factor and players will try to use it against you, not because they are “rude”, but just because it is poker and these things go with it, they absolutely have to do it.

Let’s consider a possible situation. You are at home, right in the middle of your poker session, having a great hand and a friend is coming to visit you. You will make mistakes. That one was already made when you declared yourself available, when in fact you were playing online poker and for that you should have saved all your attention and concentration.

So, now you are just one mistake from losing money, you are still sitting there, with one eye on the poker table and the other on your friend. Regardless of what he came to say to you, he is a distraction now and will affect your game.

Say you continue to play and at some point your friends start saying what they think about your hands DominoQQ Online. Even without realizing it, you follow your inexperienced example and start losing everything you won that night. Finally, when you are left with nothing, you and your friend decide ‘together’ that poker is not for you and you must forget everything about it.

The second error occurred somewhere along the way, as I am sure you all noticed. Letting someone else evaluate your hands is the biggest mistake of all. Only you are allowed to do this, because you are the only one really involved.

However, this case presented is only a minor situation. Due to lack of attention, in an official tournament a player named Uli Gerloff lost almost $ 9,000 or more. Here’s what happened.

He clearly had a winning hand. But when the last card was put on the table, your opponent was trembling with joy and acting as if he were clearly the winner. It all happened in a second. The next thing was that the dealer pushed the chips to the opponent and everyone, including Uli, was convinced that the other player won. And he ended up winning because of the lack of attention that Uli showed. Uli realized only later that his hand was the winner, but the casino business and the experts blamed him for being dizzy and he never received credit for that hand.

You and only you are responsible for your hand. No one else will say if you have the winning cards, you have to see at least that at the end of each hand. Don’t let others influence you in any way and trust only you and the cards in a poker game.


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